Casting Foundries in India with important Pig iron cast

Pig Iron is one of the important cast iron for fabricating casting products. It is a main and intermediate product for foundry as it is used to manufacture semi-finished and finished casting components. To make this cast iron mechanically strong and usable for industrial purposes, special alloys are added by the manufacturers of ferrous casting during the final production. Say for example- aviation, automotive, construction, and energy, mechanical engineering and shipbuilding are few industries that use pig iron casting products for different purposes.

Iron is used to produce gray iron by melting process. The ferrous casting exporters and manufacturers re-melt the pig iron along with ample of steel and scrap iron. They remove the impurities and unwanted contaminants- silicon, manganese, etc. Finally, they add the alloys and alter the carbon content. Few grades of pig iron are used for producing ductile iron. The top grade irons that do not contain a high amount of silicon, sulfur, phosphorus, and manganese are used to produce quality ductile iron.

cating foundries india

Casting foundries India

Today, ferrous casting foundries in India are using pig iron with additives to improve the quality. This cast iron is used by steel industry as a base product and mixed it with other metals like nickel and scrap metals for steel production. Earlier, pig iron was used as wrought iron via which railings; hooks, rivets, chains, gates and railways couplings were manufactured and exported by ferrous casting exporters. It is soft, magnetic, ductile, high tensile and high elastic in nature.

There is numerous casting foundries are supplying top grade raw material to several industries including steel. It’s a basic and most prominent metal to produce ductile and gray iron cast metals. If you are running a steel industry, you should know the importance and uses of this cast iron.