Ferrous casting exporting business in India facilitates growth of auto industry

The industry of ferrous casting exporting business in India is known for quality deliveries made by world-class exporters across the world at competitive rates. Moreover, people have got freedom to select various castings as per grades meeting all international standards.

Casting manufacturing process offers intuitive designer shapes for auto parts and components for electrical appliances. It is an essential part of the manufacturing industry. Clients of ferrous casting exporters in India are:

  • Aerospace Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Engineering Industry
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Among all of these industries, automotive industry is the major client of casting exporters.

Gray iron ferrous castings

Gray iron constitutes carbon steel and graphite. It is used by casting manufacturers to produce various ferrous cast metal components for auto industry. Gray iron is used for producing engine blocks, engine heads, transmission housing, water pump housing, engine piston, brake drums, etc.

Features of gray iron ferrous castings supplied by exporters in India:

  • Wear resistance
  • High machinability
  • Low notch sensitivity
  • Good vibration damping
  • Lower production unit

Besides ferrous casting components, exporters in India are also supplying non-ferrous metal castings to different industrial clients. The most common and widely accepted non-ferrous casting product of exporters is steel castings. Steel cast parts are more in demand because of their distinct properties. Steel components are rustproof unlike ferrous metal casting products. They are highly tensile and stronger than ferrous components supplied and exported by Indian manufacturers across the world. Steel is more durable and has longer life as compared to ferrous or iron castings.

You can anytime contact such manufacturers and ask quote for your requirements. Search over the net or go through business directories and fetch out a list of reliable ferrous and non-ferrous casting manufacturing companies in India today.