Always choose good investment castings products for better performance

If you are manufacturing components from bar metal, there are 99% chances of facing high cost production along a lot of time consumption. And if those were the pricey metals or alloys, you may lose your money while finishing process. To avoid such great losses, many casting manufacturers are following the investment casting process for finished components.

In the process of investment casting, manufacturers in India can avail different choices of alloys. This type of casting method not only saves the time, but also reduces the wastage by providing well-finished casting components. With investment casting or lost wax technique, the experts working in alloy casting foundries are able to combine two or more parts into a single metal. When it comes to the range of alloys, it includes- low cost alloys like carbon and tool steels as well as costly alloys like aluminium, stainless steel, cobalt, Inconel, etc.

It is always recommended to select reliable investment castings exporters in India as it is an ideal casting method in which limitless metal parts can be manufactured. Size and shape is hardly difficult to get as the wax moulds are good enough to shape the molten metal in desired form. These casted products require less machining and hence, no cutting or wastage is there.

Advantages of Investment casting

  • Formation of Intricate shapes
  • Smooth finished surface
  • Great Dimensional accuracy
  • Casting unmachinable alloys and radioactive metals
  • Replace die casting
A good investment casting manufacturer uses ceramic shell casting process for achieving investment casting. Under this process, wax and sometimes mercury (frozen) is used as the casting pattern. This casting method offers smooth surface finish and can be used for ferrous and non-ferrous casting metals. The experts working in foundries can manufacture precision castings from ceramic shell casting process for the users.