Marine Castings Manufacturers and Exporters India – accept challenges

We must agree on the point that metals are essential for manufacturing little or big things used at home or in the industry. Whether it is gold or silver for jewelry designing, or iron and steel for making utensils are automobile parts, every metal type has its own spark and use. Steel is the most common metal used by foundries for manufacturing steel castings components. It’s a durable and strong metal which is used by manufacturers for producing steel castings for buildings, pipes, automobile parts, kitchenware, etc.

Being one of the leading manufacturers of steel castings India ranked on third position after China and USA. The competition for new manufacturing units is tougher as it requires years of experience to attain top level position in the market.

Finding skilled low cost labor is still an issue

The marine castings foundry in India are facing a few troubles in finding skilled labor who can manufacture steel casting components with all the latest techniques. The exporters and manufacturers who are in the industry since few years, say- 3-5 years are not having strong impression over the clients as compared to those who are working since 20-30 years.

Rising of raw materials cost affected the demand

Increased cost of the raw materials in India is one of the major challenges that steel casting manufacturers and exporters are facing for casting steel products at affordable rates. Pig iron, low ash coke, ferro alloy and steel scrap are the raw materials used by foundry’s engineers for manufacturing steel marine castings components. Most of the exporters of steel cast products feel crippled of this constraint.

Less dependence on new technology

To walk with the world, it is necessary to accept every part of it. In the world of technology, minor and major changes or advancements are introduced every day. Giving tough competition to the rivals can be difficult for steel casting exporters in India due to lack of acceptance to new technology. A modified machine requires skilled man force to manage casting procedure and in India, there is scarcity of skilled labor.

If the manufacturers of alloy steel casting and the exporters in India want to maintain.