Micro structural evolution in duplex steel castings

The micro structural evolution in duplex steel castings is critical to check its massive properties or mechanical properties. The micro structural analysis is generally performed with the help of microscope whose resolution must be high. The other accessories are also equipped with microscope to make it more suitable for requirement.

The micro analysis cannot be performed by all casting foundries or manufacturers. It generally demands for dedicated work and experience to complete some technical job. Most of the time, quench aging results into hardness or decrease in impact resistance too. When aging process is completed at 480 degree Celsius or above then it may result into precipitation. Other chemical reactions may also occur when temperature is not controlled or maintained at the right time.

Why duplex steel castings?

Duplex steel castings has become most preferable choice by industries as it does not get spoil down even when continuously exposed to excessive erosive or corrosive environment. This is the reason steel castings are utilized for massive of pump castings or pipeline component. The effect of quench aging is pretty much small on duplex steel castings and they lasts longer without losing its mechanical properties.

The important fact to consider here is right temperature or pressure applications otherwise materials will become excessive harder and it will break down suddenly. This may also result into drastic fall in mechanical properties of metal.

What are the benefits of duplex castings?

  • Duplex castings are able to survive even with excessive erosive or corrosive environments.
  • They are suitable to use with designing or manufacturing of pipeline components.
  • The quench aging process in duplex castings is relatively slow than other casting processes.
  • Duplex castings don’t wear or tear down quickly and they last longer and longer.
  • The yield strength of duplex castings is almost twice when compared to other corrosion resistant materials.
  • Duplex castings are also available in custom solutions to suit special industry needs or demands.

The list of benefits doesn’t end here but depends on application and usage of product. The yield strength of duplex castings is almost twice when compared to other corrosion resistant materials.

Duplex castings are dynamically called future of industries that are developing with strength and assure plenty of benefits to its clients. TO know more about casting process and to get custom solutions for the same, it is always better to contact leading manufacturers right away.