The Importance of Casting for Defense Equipment

Casting is a vital part of the machinery industry and when it comes to defense castings, the level of importance obviously goes several notches higher. After all, it is directly related to the question of national security. Manufacturers who deal with defense castings, therefore, take this job very seriously, as they know how vital it is for the lives of the soldiers who serve us day and night.

Casting is Important for Quality Defense Equipment

There are many defense contractors in different countries throughout the world that supply castings for military equipment, as well as the domestic industries which sometimes take on that role (e.g.: the domestic steel industry in the U.S). Now, the entire defense system of a country largely depends on the defense machinery industry, which in turn is dependent on high-quality castings to produce more efficient and higher-quality equipment.

Defense equipment are needed to work in extreme conditions quite often. Even though most of the countries spend millions of dollars in purchasing and maintaining military equipment, they are still vulnerable to damaging conditions like-

  • Abrasion
  • Heat
  • Impact
  • Friction
  • Chemical exposure
  • Mechanical stress
  • Wear and tear during its usage

Defense Tools for Which Casting Is Important

There are specific quality standards and regulations for the defense system of each country that have to be met by the producers that supply equipment to different military and firearm OEMs.

The various tools include:

  • Joysticks for drone planes/UAVs
  • Gun triggers, hammers & sights
  • Trigger guards
  • Bolt catches
  • Bolt carriers
  • Selector Levers
  • Pistol grips
  • Spare parts and more

Significance of Casting for a Strong Defense

A strong defense force is absolutely necessary for any country’s normal functioning in this century. A country like India with the world’s 3rd largest military force spends almost 2.4% of the total GDP (2015) on the military budget alone-importing different military equipment mostly from Russia, Israel, and the United States. With the Modi government’s Make in India initiative, the defense industry in the country has received a great push, which also resulted in the betterment of the SMEs including those which produce defense castings. With optimal quality castings, the defense industry is able to produce high-quality equipment in accordance with the need of the 21st-century defense forces, safeguarding the national security front in the process. Therefore, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call castings The God of Small Things in the defense structure of the world.