Valve castings manufacturers exporting hydraulic valves beyond Indian boundaries

Hydraulic valves are used to regulate the liquid flow inside the pipelines of the system. Valve castings manufacturers in India are generally producing hydraulic valves for two purposes- regulating the liquid flow and shutting or breaking off the liquid flow into the system pipelines.

Hydraulic valves comprises of basic components- main casting, valve seat, valve disc, and valve bonnet. Valve castings manufacturers in India produce valve disc to protect the leakage in the valve body. All of the designs are intended and determined by manufacturing companies on the basis of the specifications and requirements listed by the consumers.

Why most of the engineers are specialized in designing hydraulic valve range for Indian market users? Auto sector has encountered intense growth and development in recent years. With the rising demand of automobiles, the production of valve castings and other casting components is on its extreme. More and more valve castings manufacturers in India are engaged in producing quality casting components for different appliances and applications.

What materials are used by valve casting manufacturers for Indian and overseas clients?

Casting manufacturers often use cast iron, ductile iron, and grey iron for producing automotive castings. Valve casting manufacturing companies use premium steel and S.S materials to cast valves for hydraulic systems. These valves are sturdy, durable, rustproof, and don’t get deformed by extreme heat.

Besides hydraulic valve range, there are many other valve castings ranges offered by manufacturers in India:

  • Butterfly valve castings
  • Globe valve castings
  • Ball valve castings
  • Gate valve castings
  • Swing check valve castings
  • Knife gate valve castings and more
The valve industry has great scope in the automobile sector. Most of the valves castings manufacturers india export their range beyond the Indian boundaries to earn more profit margins.