What causes failure in pump castings

Water pump castings need special care as poorly maintained pumps may encounter sudden failure. Casting manufacturers and suppliers bring the list of causes that promote failure of water pumps.

Leakage in water pumps is a dangerous thing as it makes the casting rusty by leaving behind large deposits or calcium and rust.

Contamination of cooling system
The abrasiveness of the particles found in vastly contaminated cooling system will prematurely wear the seal of water pump. Harmful contamination often occurs in systems that are not maintained and cared properly. If there is high mineral content in water and it is used in the system and heated, it will start to form deposits that will jam and restrict passage that may further damage the seal.

How to avoid contamination?
You need to flush your contaminated system thoroughly prior replacing the water pump. You also need to check system pressure, use apt coolant mixture, and use distilled water as required.

Shaft breakage
A break can be noted by a clean fracture, instead of blue heat discoloration. A clean break shows an “instantaneous” fracture that is caused by sudden overload or imbalance.

Overloading of bearing
Overloading of bearing is mostly caused by imbalance or vibration. Excessive heat buildup is caused by tremendous centrifugal forces formed by imbalance. This further result in overloading of bearing that leads to overheating.

How to avoid overloading?
You need to check alignment of all pulleys carefully. Install belts using a belt tension gauge. You need to check the fan or fan clutch assembly for a damaged fan or a bent, worn fan clutch, or a worn spacer. Also be sure to fasten the mounting bolts evenly as per the instructions given by pump casting manufacturers.

Casting breakage, seal leakage-clean system, and thermal shock are other reasons behind failure of water pumps. You can take help of professionals and learn the tricks and tips to avoid sudden failure of water pump. If you maintain and render pump castings in good condition, you won’t face any issue like breakage, leakage, or failure of castings.